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Avoiding job scams


I’ve been offered a work-from-home position after responding to an ad on Kijiji, and I don’t know what to do because I’ve heard some horror stories about job scams. This position sounds legit but I have a friend who recently worked for two weeks and never got paid after working on a similar assignment. How do I ensure that I don’t fall for a scam and what should I look out for?


How to seal employment gaps


I’ve been unemployed for almost two years because I was taking care of my sick mother and then my husband lost his job and we could no longer afford daycare for our twin daughters … it’s been a hell of a ride. My husband got hired recently and things are getting back to normal, but now the kids are in junior kindergarten and I am again free to do my own thing, I am at loss as to how to explain all of that in a resumé or at a job interview. I’ve always worked as an administrative assistant in an office-type setting (I’ve done some bookkeeping too). And I’ve never had problems finding work before, but now with this long period between jobs I’m scared. Is there a way to put this on a resumé? Should I divulge into family issues when I get interviewed?

Do I need to be on LinkedIn?


I’ll be honest — I really dislike the idea of LinkedIn but everyone says that I need to be on it in order to increase my chances of finding work. I keep getting invited too — why does this continue to happen?! What’s your take on LinkedIn, and if I have to do it, how do I get started?


Internationally trained accountant


I have worked as an accountant in my country for many years. Since I come to Toronto I only find temporary work, not in my field. My wife thinks we should go on Ontario Works. I am feeling really bad right now. Can you advise me how to find work as an accountant?


Answering a difficult interview question


I’m currently unemployed but I’m getting some callbacks for interviews. So far, I’ve only been to two, and each time I’ve been puzzled by the same question: tell me about a difficult situation that you were in and how you solved it. I can think of many examples but have a really hard time making them sound interesting (or long enough, for that matter). I sit there struggling to figure out how to approach this question and then my confidence goes out the window. Can you help me so that I can ace the next interview — I feel like I’m not getting a job offer because I can’t get past this question!


Options for internationally trained midwife


Hello, I am an internationally-trained midwife, who has recently arrived in Toronto. Back home I worked as a midwife before I had my two sons and I hope to be able to practise in this field or a similar one in Canada. Can you let me know what my options are?

Am I eligible for vacation pay?


I got laid off after working for 13 weeks. My former employer gave me my Record of Employment (ROE) but she said I was not eligible for vacation pay. She was very rude about it too and said my time in the company didn’t matter and to forget about it. I’m confused — is she right?

Self-employment advice for aspiring massage therapist


Seven years ago I dropped out of university after struggling with major depression and went on disability. After my depression lifted I decided to go back to school and pursue a long-time dream of mine — a career as a registered massage therapist. I’m finishing up my last few courses and I’m starting to get a little nervous because I soon will need to start building my business. Do you have any advice for me?

Moving to Alberta


I am 26 and have lived in Toronto my whole life except when I went to college for a forestry program. It was okay but I found a summer job working in a warehouse and I just kept on working there and never went back to school. The plant shut down two years ago and all I have been getting since then is part-time security jobs that don’t pay very well. I moved back with my parents to help make ends meet and I am feeling desperate. A guy I know is planning to go out to Alberta to find work on the oil sands and he’s asked me to go with him. I am thinking about it but I’m not sure. Do you have any advice for me?

Should I become an OT?


I’m a grade 11 student and my mother says I need to start thinking about careers now because it’s so hard to find a job these days. Not only that, my mother’s best friend, who is an occupational therapist at a hospital, says that I should think about becoming an OT because I get good marks in science and I’m good with people. I feel kind of pressured: it took my mother’s friend more than six years to get her degree and I don’t know if I want to go to school that long. What do you think?


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